Bridges of Friendships

BRIDGES OF FRIENDSHIPS - Within the story - Eric Thompson ( Main character) , after becoming a Cnristian, being added to the body of Christ. Finds himself, in so-many difficulties, from the adversary (The Devil). He finds himself, caring for a friend, who has gone in the way of Satan, and try to rescue him, but was to late. Instead, he himself, get in so much mess.

      Follow his journey, and see how his faith grows strong,even in the face of diversities. We must recognize, if we want to hear the Lord say to us, "Well done my  good and faithful servant," we are going to be put in dire and difficult situations.

     Continue to read about Eric Thompson, and see how he handles, "The good fight of Faith."

Bridges of Friendships By - Oscar York

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A Peaceful Place in the Storms: God is in Control

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Buy my Book, A Peaceful Place in the Storms; God is in Control - By - Oscar York. Like hurricanes, life's storms are unpredictable-but not insurmountable, says Oscar York Jr. in A Peaceful Place in the Storms: God is in control. Building on a childhood of gang violence and the demands of learning music and football skills in high school, York shows how turning to a controlling but benevolent God helped him find peace and a better understanding of life's problems. He recounts his tentative first steps into church membership and then into training to become a preacher. His insight into his own spiritual growth and his blossoming relationships with fellow church members will inspire all Christians